Mom Disguises Herself as Her Daughter to Take Important School Exam

mom takes examHow far would you go to get your kid a good grade on their big test? Sit up late at night helping them study? Pay for a tutor? How about dressing up as them and sneaking in to take a test for your teen?

You think the last one is a joke, don't you? Nope! 

A mother was just caught doing exactly that. She allegedly dressed up as her teenage daughter -- right down to the low rise jeans and the Converse sneakers -- and waltzed right into the room to sit for a pre-college entrance exam!


This happened in Paris where Caroline D. (as she's been identified) was recognized as a proctor and whisked away by Parisian police. She's facing fraud charges.

Le sigh.

Frankly, it sounds like the best outcome here.

Because let's think about the alternative. Say the mom aced the test. Her kid gets into college.

Then what?

You have a kid who couldn't actually pass the test floundering in school because she really isn't ready!

What exactly is won there?

This is much the same argument I have for parents who do their kids' homework. If your kid can't do their own schoolwork, doing it for them teaches them nothing. Instead they just keep getting older and older and staying uneducated.

At some point, that catches up with a kid!

If you've ever been tempted to do what this mom did, just think: all you're doing is helping your kid stay uneducated.

What do you think of this mom's audacity? Is she out of line or would you do it for your kid?


Image via jerine/Flickr

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