Teacher Who Let Student Pierce Her Ears During Class Deserves Biggest Eye Roll Ever

cartilage piercingIt'd be understandable if it happened at summer camp, or even at a sleepover, but when your teen comes home from school with a belly-button ring, and you find out the teacher supervised the whole thing, you gotta ask questions. It happened at a classroom at Northern High in Pennsylvania. Ninth grade teacher April Beard let one of her eighth period students pierce her cartilage, then let that student pierce another's navel.



According to reports, Beard and the students had been discussing piercing for a few weeks, and one of the kids had a piercing kit. With 15 minutes left in class back in April, she let the body puncturing begin and instructed everyone in the class that "this does not leave the room." She then paid the kid $20 and gave her a homemade necklace as a "thank-you."

Welp, word got out and Ms. Beard lost her job. Not only that, but she's been charged with two misdemeanors: endangering the welfare of a child and corruption of minors. You're not allowed to pierce or tattoo a minor without parental consent -- you're also not allowed to be in the presence of illegal piercing and tattooing.

As a parent, I think I'd be furious if my teen walked in the door and told me that part of class was devoted to piercing the teacher's ear and a kid's belly-button. And it's not the earring nor the navel ring I have a problem with -- it's the incredibly poor decision-making that would send me through the roof. It's a lapse in judgment, sure, but it's totally indefensible ... which is why, I suppose, she was let go and now faces criminal charges.

It's a shame this teacher's brain fart pretty much ended her chances of ever leading a classroom again, but we all have to lie in the beds we make.

At least Ms. Beard isn't walking away totally empty handed -- here's hoping that cartilage piercing was worth it.

What would you do if your child's teacher allowed piercing in class?


Photo via fuzzcat/Flickr

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