Teen Rides 50,000-Pound Whale Shark While Family Eggs Him On (VIDEO)

teen rides whale sharkThere are some things a parent should never advise their kids to do. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say catching a ride on a 30-foot whale shark is one of 'em. Chris Kreis, 19, was on vacation with his family in the Gulf of Mexico last week when they spotted a 50,000-pound whale shark swimming past their boat. Without hesitation, the teen casually jumped into the ocean, reached for the shark's dorsal fin, and went for a nine-second joyride on the shark's back. The craziest part? All of this was caught on video.

Check it out, here:



So it's not clear whether Chris' parents or another relative were the ones capturing the video, but let's be honest: the fact that someone was egging on this teenager to try this is absolutely absurd. Sure, whale sharks may be known as the "gentle giants of the ocean." However, who's to say that something unexpected couldn't happen with this friendly creature? The thing is 50,000 pounds, for crying out loud! If Chris got trapped under it, there's no way he would have survived. No. Way.

The good news is he did. Hopefully Chris' family will learn from this. The teen says he'd totally swim with a shark again, but I'm hoping that if his parents have anything to say about it -- that won't be happening.

Would you freak out if your teen tried something like this?


Image via ABC News

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