Parents Pay Tattoo Artist Double to Make Their Daughter's Tattoo Painful & Ugly (VIDEO)

tattoo nightmareFor many parents, the idea of their 17-year-old daughter getting a tattoo is a true Tattoo Nightmare. But Kristina, star of Spike TV's Tattoo Nightmares, has parents who actually took it one step further than saying no. Not only did they sign the consent form, they paid for the tattoo artist to purposely flub up the tattoo to prevent her from wanting any more.

Say what?

Yes, her parents paid the tattoo artist double to make her experience so awful ("as ugly and as painful as possible") she would be "discouraged from wanting any more." This is just sick on so many levels. See below:


As a parent, I agree with the idea that sometimes (many times), it's important for children to learn their own lessons. I will often let my kids go out in the cold without a coat, but will carry the coat with me to let them feel the cold and then ask for it. It's not worth the battle it would take to get them to understand.

But there is a difference between that and forcing my child to stand out in the cold with no coat just so they know what it's like. One is giving them the freedom to learn from their mistakes. The other is just cruel. It's taking it too far.

I am not sure what I would say if my 17-year-old wanted a tattoo, but I can promise you that I wouldn't sign the consent form and let her get something PERMANENT on her body just to teach her a lesson.

It's a disrespectful way to parent. The message is: You're an idiot and make bad choices, so let me show you the EXTREME consequence of those choices. It won't prevent a child from doing what they want to do, but it will hurt the parent's relationship with them.

Kristina said she has been angry at her parents for years. I don't blame her. If they were against tattoos, they should have said: "You can't get a tattoo until you are 18 and we think this is a terrible idea." Then let her wait and, if she still wants one, that's her own problem. The end.

All children learn lessons in their own time.

Do you think what these parents did was crazy?


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