Marine Wants to Wear Uniform to His High School Graduation -- Too Bad! (VIDEO)

teen militaryBrandon Garabrant of New Hampshire had a special request for his high school graduation -- since he will have completed Marine boot camp in South Carolina the day prior, Garabrant wanted to wear his military uniform for the school's ceremony, as opposed to the standard cap and gown. The authorities at ConVal Regional High School thought about it, asked fellow military members for their opinions, and ultimately decided that Brandon should wear the standard cap and gown like everyone else. No military uniform for him.


The principal explained that Brandon was welcome wear his uniform under his gown and take off the gown once he receives his diploma.

While I can see the argument from both sides, I gotta go with the school on this one. I mean, if anyone can appreciate long-established rules, regulations, and traditions, it should be someone in the military.

The way I see it, the boot camp graduation ceremony is a great place to wear the Marine uniform and the high school graduation ceremony is a great place to wear the high school graduation uniform. It seems pretty cut and dry to me.

Generally, protocols at group ceremonies are established to highlight less the individual and more the effort put forth by the collective bunch. A uniform is an easy way to show togetherness. Anyone in different attire would stand out, for better or for worse.

Respecting traditions is something the military does best -- I'm sure Brandon can understand the decision that forces him to wear a cap and gown, even though he may not like it.

Do you think military uniforms are acceptable high school graduation outfits?

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