Marine Dad Fights Tooth & Nail for Right to See Daughter Graduate (VIDEO)

Marine Dad surprises daughterThere's a big debate going on in my hometown right now over the "right" parents have to see their kids graduate. With limited space in our high school gymnasium, some parents are being moved to the auditorium where they'll have to watch a live stream of the commencement. They're not happy, but after watching a Marine dad's surprise homecoming at his daughter's graduation, I can't help thinking they're so much luckier than they realize.

At least they get to be there for their kids.

Staff Sergeant Luis Del Valle missed his little girl's eighth grade graduation because he was in Afghanistan. And he had to fight tooth and nail to make it to the big day. But as video of the surprise shows, the fight was worth it:


Suddenly having to watch your kid's graduation from another room seems less like an injustice and more like an inconvenience, doesn't it? Here this man was unable to even be in the same country as his child for her first big day, and then he had to fight for the right to make it to her biggest moment of all? 

This is something we tend to forget about our military. While they're off protecting us, they're also missing the moments most of us take for granted: the dance recitals, the graduations ...

Did this reunion make you tear up?


Image via WGNTV

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