Dad Sues School for Kicking His Kid Off a Sports Team

trackIf your kid screws up at school, the LAST thing you should do is sue the school. Right? Come on ... I said, right? Parents, it kills me that I have to say this, but it seems I have to. The father of a 16-year-old is suing the kid's high school for $40 million for having the audacity to kick him off the track team.

The nerve of these people! Dad says this has ruined the sophomore's chances to get a college scholarship. Just RUINED them!

Because, um, it's too hard to tell your kid to get his butt in gear and go out for track next year?


Hey America, this is what's wrong with our country: parents who would rather file lawsuits than parent.

Sterling High School's representatives say Mawusimensah Mears was kicked off the team for racking up too many unexcused absences. But his dad insists "participation in extracurricular activities is a right." And when his kid's "rights" are violated, he sues.

You know, I might feel a little bit more sympathy for this family if this kid suddenly saw his dreams shattered in his senior year. But Mears is 16. He's a sophomore.

He still has two more years of eligibility. That's two more years to actually try showing up to practice on time.

Wouldn't the wiser route be teaching your kid that when life throws you lemons, you get your hiney out of bed and start squeezing those bad boys into a pitcher of sugar?

Kids need to know that we have their backs, but we can't have their fronts too. They still have to put in the work to get ahead. When we push down the obstacles, the only thing they're learning is that they can lie back and the world will come to them ... which only happens at home with Mommy and Daddy. 

So if this kid wants college money, he should get off his butt and work to get back on the team, make the most of his two remaining years in high school. If not, what does his dad really gain? Maybe he gets $40 million so he can pay his college tuition, but who's he going to sue when his kid gets kicked out of college for not showing up to class?

Would you ever sue your child's school? What would it take?


Image via VitaminC9000/Flickr

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