Inspiring 13-Year-Old Starts Charity to Help Out Mom (VIDEO)

teen non profitThe greatest achievement for most 13-year-olds usually involves a good grade in school, or making a competitive sports team, or beating some "important" level in a video game. But Hunter Stewart isn't your average teen. By the age of 10, his mother had been diagnosed with breast cancer, twice, and the effect it had on Hunter was profound ... and profoundly inspiring.


Following in his dad's footsteps, Hunter races cars -- he decided to combine that passion with the one he had for helping his mom and started the non-profit Racing 2 Cure in 2009. Since then, R2C has been striving to treat the human side of cancer, and provides funds to families for housing expenses, travel expenses, car payments, gas, day care, medical equipment, insurance premiums ... any and everything that families need while their loved one is battling the big C.

Hunter's generous and magnanimous spirit really sets him apart from most 13-year-olds. Teenagers can be excusably self-absorbed as they morph from kids into adults, but like other selfless teens, Hunter's been successful at looking out for the greater good, and for his mom, as well.

As parents, we strive to raise young men and women who urge to lend a helping hand, who work hard to help others, and who exhibit love and conscientiousness in everything they do. It's a tall order, but generally, they rise to the occasion.

Hunter attributes his dedication to the personal drive that tells him to never give up, and so far, it's working.

Hunter's mom is in recovery and the family prays she'll stay healthy and happy for a long, long time.

Watch Hunter's story:

How do you encourage your teens to help others?


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