Teen Behind Goodbye Song 'Clouds' Dies & His Parents Should Be Proud (VIDEOS)

Zach SobiechIt feels like just yesterday when we were first inspired by Zach Sobiech, an 18-year-old from Minnesota fighting bone cancer. Sobiech, who was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, shared his smile with the world with his viral hit about facing death, "Clouds," last December. This past month, Jason Mraz, Colbie Caillat, and dozens of other celebrities joined together to lip-sync Zach's "Clouds" in a moving tribute to his cancer battle. This morning, Zach Sobiech died.

It's heartbreaking. Sobiech quickly became a role model for so many across the globe so quickly. His message, which was that you shouldn't find out you're dying to start living, is a true testament to his loving spirit and compassion.

And whereas it's never easy to lose a child, I'm sure that Zach's parents are overjoyed knowing the legacy their son had, and that with "Clouds," a piece of him will always live on.


Giving up hope is easy. Zach didn't want to do that. Zach wanted to take his predicament, share it with the world, and empower others to not only seek out a cure for osteosarcoma, but to grab life by the reins and take control.

For Zach's parents, I can only imagine how heartwarming and empowering it was to see their son truly succeed; to see their son in such a weak state, wanting to help others and not just himself. The song is beautiful, the movement he started is fantastic. Through his efforts, a significant amount of money was raised for the Children's Cancer Research Fund, and that is an amazing act he'll always be remembered for.

Watch both Zach's version of "Clouds" and the celebrity lip-sync, here:

Does Zach's story inspire you?


Image via soulpancake/YouTube

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