Dying Teen's Last Wish Made Possible By Thousands of Twitter Users (VIDEO)

MarieDespite being given just days to live, Marie Sowler has a lot to be happy about right now. Diagnosed with stage 4 leukemia, the 19-year-old's father and sister pitched in with a double bone marrow transplant that failed to work. Her last last wish? To meet Kellin Quinn, the lead singer for an indie band by the name of Sleeping With Sirens. Marie made a YouTube video revealing her big wish last Thursday. Thousands of shares, likes, and tweets got her message seen by the singer, who tweeted at her at 7:59 p.m. -- "How can we make this happen?"

And so just like that, the two set up a Skype meeting. Seriously, talk about the power of social media, eh? In a world where technology can often be a parent's biggest nemesis, it's got to be pretty cool for Marie's parents to see something so magical happen for their daughter.

Watch Marie's plea, here:


Awesome. Just awesome. The fact that a little YouTube video like this can get something so fantastic to happen for a teen during what could be her last few days on this earth -- it's touching.

Like I mentioned, from a parent's perspective the Internet can be a scary place. It's hard to monitor what your teen's doing, who they're talking to, what sites they're checking out, the whole nine yards. For Marie's parents to see the GOOD that the Internet can bring, it's heartwarming and comforting. It's a sign of the changing times and proof that if a cause is really good and worthwhile, people from all walks of life will listen.

Does Marie's story make you smile?


Image via Martino Cartier/YouTube

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