High School Principal Accused of Bending 17-Year-Old Over His Knee & Spanking Her (VIDEO)

hillside highSpanking in school -- again?!? New Jersey high school principal Lee McCaskill is on administrative leave for allegedly spanking a teenage female student -- on her backside. And everyone is surprised. "Didn't see this coming," says school board president George Cook, who describes McCaskill as "very hands on." I'll say!

Of course there will be an investigation to see if McCaskill really did spank a student. But there are multiple witnesses who say they saw him do the deed. He could lose his job over the incident. Or not? 


Witnesses say McCaskill actually sat down in a chair and put the 17-year-old girl over his knee to give her a dose of old-school discipline. Conjure that image in your head and -- shudder. It's kind of creepy.

It turns out McCaskill has gotten a lot of credit for turning around Hillside High. His "very involved" approach has lifted the school's state rankings. So parents are divided on what they think should happen. Some want him fired, while others are like, wellllll, maybe it's not true? 

McCaskill claims he did not spank the student. Meanwhile, the student's mother is defending him! "As for the person in question, I feel in my heart he did nothing wrong." WHAT?!? Is she saying she believes her daughter is telling the truth, but that she deserved to be spanked? Or is she saying she doesn't believe her daughter was spanked? Either way, OMG.

Come on, there are multiple witnesses! You really have to wonder about a principal who bends a student over his knee to spank her. That's astoundingly poor judgment. You would have to have the patience of a saint if you work with teenagers all day -- I'll give him that. And it's possible for students to organize a big lie. But teenagers aren't that organized. I guess we'll have to wait for the investigation. Meanwhile, McCaskill is still on leave.

What would you think if you heard the principal at your school had spanked a student?


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