Prom Proposals Gone Wild: 13 Crazy Ways Kids Are Asking Friends to the Dance (VIDEOS)

promRemember your prom proposal? When a guy scuffled up to you in the hallway after class and mumbled something that sounded like, "So prom. Would ya?" And that was considered romantic?

I admit I'm almost wistful for those days. Back when kids were just kids. Before kids started shooting TV commercials, dressing up like Pokemon characters, and making life-sized snow sculptures to convince their crush to attend the big dance.

Or maybe I'm just jealous that both of my prom proposals were so tame they're pretty much unmemorable (hey, at least I remember their names!). Either way, it has to be said that asking someone to prom has gotten wildl. Just check out what kids are doing these days:


1. TV Commercial. Baltimore, Maryland teen Lovepreet Aujla paid for a 30-second commercial on his local ABC station to get his girl to go to the prom with him. He took her to dinner and told her to look at the TV. She said yes ... maybe because he said please?

2. Life-Sized Sign. James Tate made big news in 2011 when the sign with 12-inch cut-out letters that he hung on the wall at his Connecticut high school got him disciplined for trespassing. Sonali Rodrigues was more than willing to be his date to prom, but the teens had to fight for the right to go after his stunt.

3. Pokemon Proposal. Any time a teenager dresses up as Ash from Pokemon and walks into the cafeteria, it's sure to get kids talking. But a kid named Terry really mixed things up when he accompanied his kooky outfit with Pokemon card confetti, an entourage of cheerleaders, and a sweet prom-posal poem for a girl named Maxine:

4. Garage Door Opening. Alec Ohlensehlen of Land O' Lakes, Florida and his girlfriend are both Tampa Bay Lightning fans, so what better way to catch her eye than using cards of NHL players to write out the word "prom" with a question mark? Oh, but that's not enough for kids these days ... Alec's creative questions was displayed on his parents' garage door. When it was time to ask, he shut the door, revealing his proposal ...

5. Dancing Drama Students. Leave it to a California drama student to make his proposal ... dramatic? Isidro Pagdanganan choreographed a lunchtime dance performance for Mikaela Kraus that ended with his message displayed on hand-held cards. The video of the whole shebang has gone viral on Facebook.

6. Love Balloons. The video starts with a helium high voice announcing, "this is for you, Tina," and you know what's coming ... balloons. But would you have guessed 1,500 balloons taking over a high school hallway to ask her to prom?

7. Hallway Serenade. Another viral video comes from Bobby Chin, an 18-year-old from Centennial High School in Ellicott City, Maryland, who got a buddy to play a Jason Mraz song on guitar while he did a prom-posal redo ... a serenade in front of the whole school.

8. Today Show. Can it really top going on national TV and convincing Kathie Lee Gifford to help you ask your girl to the dance? Dean held up a sign asking Colleen ... we hope she said yes.

9. Good Morning America. Not to be outdone by their competitors, the folks at GMA didn't just let Britton Phillips hold up a sign to ask Brooke Carter to prom. They let him get on the mike and voice his request ... while Brooke was on the phone for a live interview.

10. Up High. Young firefighter Brady McHale took advantage of the ladder truck from his station to surprise fellow senior Franny deMuzio from high up in the air ... outside the window of the school library, several stories in the air.

11. Oh Baby, It's Cold Outside. But Stephanie Samuelson’s boyfriend, Dan, warmed the Connecticut teen's heart with his 5-foot high snow sculpture simply asking, "Prom?"

12. Backstreet's Back. What's better? Interrupting class to ask a girl to prom or getting all your buddies to be your boy band backup singers? Just watch:

13. She's Perfect. Not only did Patrick Ceralde serenade best friend Angelica with P!nk's "Perfect," but he sent flowers to her classes, each with a note that eventually made up the sentence "Will you go with me to ..." Eventually she was blindfolded and taken to the school sound system where he waited with a big poster that read "Prom?"

Would you let your kid do an over-the-top prom-posal? Which one is your favorite?


Image via PikaWu/YouTube

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