Sorority Throws Party Where Everyone Dresses Like a Homeless Person

homelessGirls have gone wild, yet again. This time, an Indiana sorority is under fire for a homeless-themed party. If you are one of those perpetually positive thinking parents who are envisioning a charity event where the coeds brought attention to the plight of those less fortunate, you would be dead wrong. Indiana University's Kappa Deltas smudged dirt on their faces and begged for food, money, and prayers. That's not all.


They even sported signs that said things like, "Why lie? It's for Booze", and "Give me a nickel and I'll tickle your pickle." Not surprisingly, when images of the party surfaced on, many people were outraged. They were reminded of the infamous "Mexican" party thrown by the Chi Omegas at Penn State, where girls donned mustaches, ponchos, and sombreros.

Kappa Delta's national leaders were quick to condemn them, calling for an investigation and labeling the event "inappropriate." They are right. It was. Wildly so. But to be honest, I think too much is being made of all this. No one is going to dispute that the sorors made a poor judgment call. But who hasn't during college? There are tons of ridiculous escapades I look back on and think, Thank God there were no camera phones then. When did we get to the point where every single mistake a kid or group of kids makes becomes a national case? Does this really deserve so much outrage?

Let me just say, I absolutely think homelessness is a serious issue and shouldn't be the butt of jokes. But these are kids. Kids make stupid decisions all the time. This wasn't dangerous. This wasn't life threatening. It was a silly party. I am not trying to excuse their behavior. They should be told this is unacceptable and learn to be more sensitive. Though, I wonder why there isn't more of an issue with, perhaps, any underage drinking that may have been going on during this party. Plus, aren’t there bigger issues on campus that need addressing -- like date rape, drug abuse, or theft?

Do you think people are making too big a deal over this "homeless" party?


Image via Andrew Kudrin/Flickr

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