Shot Glasses & Beer Mugs Being Given as High School Prom Souvenirs -- Really?!

prom shot glassesI consider myself pretty easygoing as a mom, but here's where I have to draw the line: souvenir shot glasses for kids at the prom. And by shot glasses, I mean exactly what you're thinking: the small cup you use to throw back a jigger of straight liquor.

In a world where we have to throw annual mock drunk driving accidents every year just to convince kids not to get blitzed on prom night, I shouldn't have to tell you this is a bad idea. But considering kids just came home from the big dance at an Idaho high school toting their brand new shot glasses, it seems I do.


Shot glasses, wine glasses, flute glasses, beer mugs ... they're all being marketed specifically to our teenagers as prom favors. It's completely legal because it's alcohol that's limited to us grown folks, but these glasses come empty ... ready for our kids to load 'em up with whatever swill one of their buds with premature balding was able to scoop up at the local gas station.

Because that's what you do with a shot glass, right? You put booze in it?

Our kids aren't stupid. They know what these glasses are for, and when they get hold of them, they think they're pretty darn cool. They just can't wait to try them out.

This is the problem. It's legal to sell a bunch of teenagers shot glasses to hand out at the prom, but if we parents don't put a stop to it, we're sending our kids mixed messages.

We tell them not to drink not because we're a bunch of big ol' meanies but because it presents too many hazards for their still developing bodies and brains. Add the inhibition impairment of alcohol to that heady mix of teenage immaturity and assumed invincibility, and you're practically begging for disaster to happen.

Oh yeah, and on top of all of that, it's illegal.

But put a shot glass in their hand, and what are you telling a kid? It's OK to have paraphernalia for drinking ... as long as you don't actually use it?

Yeah, and that bong your kid has is really being used to smoke salvia. Uh uh. 

An empty shot glass may not be a gateway to alcohol, but allowing your child to keep one creates a conundrum. Do you really have a leg to stand on when you preach against alcohol if you allow them the means to drink it?

Do you think it's OK for kids to get shot glasses at the prom ... as long as there is not liquor inside? Or is this just opening the door?


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