High School Girls Are Getting Into Social Media Smack Downs Over Prom Gowns & It Ain't Pretty

prom dressesThey sound like skits on Saturday Night Live, but B*tch, Don't Steal My Prom Dress! and/or Steal My Prom Dress and I'll Knock You the F**k Out! are just two of the names commonly used for online prom-dress groups where girls can post pics of their newly purchased gowns as a warning to anyone attending the same dance: Wear the same dress and suffer the consequences.

Honestly (probably because, as mentioned, they reminded me of something you'd see on SNL), my first reaction to these, um, aggressively-named groups was to laugh. I mean, the kids behind these forums and web pages can't actually be taking them seriously ... can they? Surely the titles are tongue-in-cheek.


Unless ... they really do represent threats of bodily harm. That would be upsetting. I was lucky -- I made it through my adolescence without ever having a physical fight with another girl -- but I know it happens all the time, more now than ever. Is this something I'm really going to have to worry about when my daughter is in high school? Someday in the not-too-distant future, will I find myself trying to get between two hair-pulling, face-scratching girls clad in taffeta and sequins? Ain't nobody got time for that!

Seriously, though -- if for no other reason than to preserve my sanity -- I have to believe these groups are meant to funny, not fear-inducing. Don't get me wrong: I'm sure there would be a formal wear face-off if anybody were so brazen as to flat-out ignore the warning, but girls get mad when other girls show up in the same dress regardless. (As a general rule. There are exceptions, of course.) And in fact, maybe these groups will prevent same-dress scenarios, which would theoretically help keep the peace.

Do you think groups like B*tch Don't Steal My Prom Dress are funny or scary?


Image via {Salt of the Earth}/Flickr

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