Teen With Debilitating Disease Gets Ultimate Honor at Senior Prom (VIDEO)

Brandon WechslerFor any teenage boy, being crowned prom king is kind of a big deal. Heck, it's one of those things that you'll go back and tell your kids about one day. For Brandon Wechsler, a senior at Pinnacle High School in Arizona, it's a moment that he never thought he'd see. Diagnosed with Duchenne muscular dystrophy, the 18-year-old hasn't been able to walk for eight years. Last weekend, the smiling teenager who said he just wanted to "go out with a bang" was crowned prom king

It's a beautiful story, one of true strength. Instead of letting his disability hold him back, Brandon smiled and enjoyed an extra special night with his friends. I can't help but think that the whole thing had to be really special for his parents, too.


Day in and day out, we hear so many horrible stories about the bullying that goes on in our nation's high schools. Brandon being disabled makes him a very easy target for ignorant bullying. It's truly heartwarming to see that rather than being ostracized for his condition -- he's accepted. Rather than being seen as that kid in the wheelchair, Brandon is one of the most popular kids in school, known for his smile and his good attitude.

I can only imagine how proud his parents must be, both of their son for keeping his head held high and the accepting community at his high school. As a parent, you just want your child to feel accepted and happy. By the looks of Brandon's big smile, I can say that on that night -- he felt on top of the world.

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Image via Fox 10

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