Kids Snort Condoms Up Their Noses in Latest, Potentially Lethal Video Stunt (VIDEO)

condom challengeI've said it before and I'll say it again: The #1 most dangerous thing for teens is boredom. Because when kids get bored, kids do stupid things to keep themselves entertained -- and because teens are competitive, they're constantly trying to one-up the last stupid stunt. As proof, we have the Condom Challenge, the latest teenage YouTube dare gone viral. And if you thought the Cinnamon Challenge, the Choking Game, and the Salt-and-Ice Challenge were ridiculously dumb and outrageously dangerous, just wait until you see this one!


The Condom Challenge sounds simple, really, and it is -- simple and possibly fatal: To complete the challenge, a teen has to snort a condom up his or her nose and expel it through his or her mouth WITHOUT choking to death in the process. (If you choke to death, you lose! Ha, ha!)

I don't even want to know how they came up with this one. I really don't. Because as a mom, there isn't one potential scenario that doesn't freak me out/make me really depressed:

There we were, just sniffing condoms like any other day, when whoooosh! One went up my nose and I pulled it out my mouth and everybody was like, that's sick, bro.

Just watch:

Yeah, so I'm thinking either I take the doors off my kids' bedrooms when they're teenagers or make them get afterschool jobs or just overschedule the crap out of them -- anything to keep them from getting bored and pulling dumbass, dangerous stunts like this one.

Do you think teens do things like the Condom Challenge because they're bored?


Image via savannah Strong/YouTube

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