Teen Sisters Miraculously Lift 3,000-Pound Tractor to Rescue Their Dad

teens save dads lifeWe've all heard about mothers suddenly developing superhuman strength to save a child. This story provides a surprising twist to that phenomenon. Two teen girls were able to lift a 3,000-pound tractor off their father, who had been pinned in a freak accident. It's absolutely miraculous how they did it.


Jeff Smith was riding his tractor at his Lebanon, Oregon home when his muddy boot slipped off the clutch and the tractor flipped back and trapped him underneath. His daughters were out walking the family dog at the time, so he lay there with the massive piece of machinery on his chest, screaming for help. Sixteen-year-old Hannah and 14-year-old Haylee heard his cries and ran back to the house to find the frightening scene. They first tried to dig him out, but that didn't work. There was only one thing left to do -- lift the 3,000-pound vehicle off of him.

As you can see from the video below, these are not exactly big girls. It's hard to believe they even attempted to lift that hunk of steel. But there is something to be said for having the right motivation. One kept saying, "God help me" over and over and they raised it just enough for him to sidle out. Smith's only injury was a broken wrist. Oddly enough, they are keeping the tractor, but have given it the perfect nickname -- Satan. It's great to see they have a sense of humor about what could have been a fatal accident.

It's actually quite inspiring. With so many negative things about teens plaguing the news these days, it's nice to hear such a wonderful story. We would all like to think our children would do the same if they could. Perhaps, this is a much a testament to the kind of father Smith is. Even days later, they still can't explain exactly how they mustered up that Herculean strength. Those girls were so intent on helping their father, who they clearly love deeply, they didn't have time to think about how impossible it was to save him. Amazing.

Hear the girls recount the rescue:

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