Boy Mocks Over-the-Top Prom Proposals in Out-of-This-World Gold Shorts (VIDEO)

Prom booty shortsBack when I was in high school, over-the-top prom proposals just weren't a thing. Which is why it's SO crazy to me how far some teens are willing to go these days to pop the question for the big night.

Well, this teen from Los Angeles feels the same way I do. In his promposal that's gone viral, he tells the camera that these HUGE "Will you go to prom with me?" gestures are simply outrageous. So what's he do? Makes a joking proposal of his own involving a pair of gold booty shorts with the word "PROM" plastered across the backside.

With Juvenile's "Back That Ass Up" in the background, this hilarious proposal is something you've GOT to check out:


LOL! That takes some serious guts! It's as if the entire school is out in the courtyard watching him strip down to these little shorts. And HELLO -- is the best part not the security guard? What a guy! He even has his own Facebook fan page.

Hey, good for these two crazy kids. If I was Emily, I'd be flattered that a guy with this kind of sense of humor and confidence wanted to go to prom with me in the first place. Considering the proposal was this epic, I'm sure the big night will be one she'll never forget.

What's the craziest prom proposal you've ever heard of?


Image via McKane Andrus/YouTube

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