‘Worst Teen on Instagram’ Deserves Our Pity, Not Our Anger

lavish teenHe's been called the worst teen on Instagram and the world's worst Internet troll. His name is allegedly Param, he's 17, and he's from an exorbitantly wealthy family in San Francisco. He'd like you to refer to him as "Lavish", though -- an ode to the lifestyle he prefers living. One look at his social media postings and you'll notice that this kid is all about money -- he posts photos of tens of thousands of dollars in cash, his enormous collection of Apple products, and the gold staples he uses on his math homework.


Make no mistake, this kid is acting like a douche of the highest order, even calling out celebs for being poor, low-class surfs compared to his ballin' self. Lavish has even gone so far as to tie $4,000 to helium balloons and set them free over the highway. Why? Because he can. And because he's a real shitbag.

But, then again, not really. That's just how he's acting, that's not who he is. Seventeen-year-olds, by the lot, make less than ideal decisions especially when it comes to social media. You can remember being a high school student and caring deeply what people thought of you ... Lavish has just taken that to the next, most insane level and is trying desperately to win fans, friends, anything, with his bravado and his cold, hard cash.

Most people are angered by Lavish's ridiculous Instagram feed, but come on, shouldn't we feel sorry for the kid? He clearly needs a hug, then some guidance. The simple fact that he's going to such extremes to seek attention would make anyone think he's not getting solid sources of love and support. There's a reason he's counting his money, and not his friends.

Lavish is so over the top, though, that I can't help but wonder if this is some sort of viral prank. Maybe I'm just hoping he's not real because it's just too damn sad to think of this kid's obsession with money, but I have to admit, I'm a little skeptical. Is Lavish real? I sure hope not.

Do you feel sorry for the kid?


Photo via itslavishbitch.com

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