5 Reasons Your Teen Doesn't Want to Talk to You

charlotteIf you have a kid in middle school or high school (I'm not going to use the word "tween" even though my mom uses it because tweens don't actually says "tween"), you probably get really frustrated with them all the time because they don't tell you about their lives. And you probably think it's because they're on their phone all the time or something, but taking their phone away will NOT make them want to talk to you!!

Besides, the reason they don't want to talk isn't because they're too busy texting or whatever. These are the real reasons why your kid doesn't want to talk to you.


1. You are probably asking your kid really annoying questions that she doesn't want to answer. Like what did you learn in math today or what did you eat for lunch or what did you do at your friend's house? And then when you say you just did stuff or nothing or whatever, your mom gets all mad. But that stuff already happened, so who cares?

2. Maybe you always act like you're going to talk to your kid about something fun and then you turn it into a lecture about how she really has to clean her room or go to bed earlier or do homework or something. Why can't you just be fun for real once in a while?

3. If you're always talking about when you were growing up and how it was so boring and hard or whatever because you think that will make your kid appreciate all the stuff she has, it's really boring. And it doesn't make sense because iPhones and stuff weren't even invented yet, so you didn't know what you were missing anyway.

4. The worst is when you try to talk about embarrassing stuff in front of your kid's friends. Like how your kid dressed up as Elmo for Halloween when she was 3 or something. Cause then everybody teases your kid about it 'til like college.

5. Actually the worst is when you see something on the news about a kidnapping or something and get all weird and want to have a talk about how to be safe and not talking to Internet predators and all that. They talk about that stuff in school all the time already!! And it's really annoying when you ask your kids if any of their friends do bath salts or whatever. Like they're really that stupid.

So stop doing all of those things and maybe your kid will talk to you!

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