Ridiculously Good 6-Year-Old Drummer Could Be the Next Ringo Starr (VIDEO)

6-year-old drummerAll parents believe their kids are talented in one way or another, but the mom and dad of 6-year-old drummer extraordinaire Avery Molek definitely have reason to brag about their musically gifted son.

This kid has been drumming away since he was 4 years old, and get this one -- he's already played live shows and even has his own tour in his home state of Pennsylvania.

Yes, Avery really is as amazing on the drums as he sounds. Like he's really, really, wicked freakin' good.


Check out this clip of him playing along to Van Halen's "Hot for Teacher," and prepare to be blown away.


Holy moly! Is this kid a future rock star in the making or what? Actually, forget future -- he's a music sensation already and he's only 6 years old, for crying out loud!

Geez, and we thought our kids were special.

Relax, I'm kidding -- of course all of our kids are special in their own way. But there's no denying that Avery is some sort of child prodigy, and I applaud his parents for nurturing his talent for drumming and encouraging him to develop it even further.

And even though he seems a little young to have a "career" in music, I highly doubt he feels like this is something he is pushed to do in his spare time. There's no way a 6-year-old could learn to drum like that overnight, so he obviously has some sort of innate ability.

Honestly, it would be a shame if his parents didn't give him the chance to show off his talents, and if this were my son, I'd want to support his efforts any way I could.

And by watching Avery on the drums, it's so apparent that he loves playing them. He looks like he's in his glory with those drumsticks in his hand. I've always believed that for kids to excel at hobbies or extracurricular activities, you have to find something they enjoy. If they're playing a sport or instrument simply because you think they should -- they'll probably never succeed at it.

But if you're lucky enough to discover something they love to do, or a natural talent they have -- you just might wind up with a little superstar on your hands.

Does your child have any special talents?


Image via Avery Drummer/YouTube

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