Classmates Bring 'Prom' to Dying Teen's Bedside

A lot of teenage girls stress about prom -- who they’ll go with, what they’ll wear, etc. Katelyn Norman’s only concern was getting to experience it at all. The 14-year-old Tennessee girl has been battling bone cancer for two years, and recently found out that treatments are no longer working. So she made a bucket list and added prom to it.

Thanks to some awesome people, Katelyn got her prom. Her family contacted the school district and they planned a dance the very same week. Unfortunately, she was rushed to the hospital for breathing difficulties. This sweet girl told her teachers “the prom must go on.”


The dance did go on ... right to her hospital bedside. The hospital staff decorated her room, and more than 100 attended the “dance” at Knoxville’s East Tennessee Children’s Hospital. Her date brought her a corsage and sash, and people formed a human heart outside her window next to a limo that had come in her honor.

Katelyn still wanted the prom to go on in its original location, and it did. The prom organizer said, “That’s her; and you can’t help but feed off that energy, that life.”

Stories like this wrench your heart and give you faith in humanity all at once. This girl is dying, and she still wants to make sure her friends have a good time at the dance she can’t even go to. No one would blame her if she shut herself up and off, but instead she made a bucket list.

Friend Brandon Huckaby said that Katelyn’s insistence the dance go on even though she couldn’t attend is “another sign that she’s not giving up.” With a community pulling together to make her dreams come true, it’s obvious they’re not giving up on her either.

Next up on the bucket list? A trip to Italy. Her website GoFundMe shows that the girl is inspiring a lot of people ... nearly 80 thousand dollars has already been raised to help her accomplish her bucket list.

What an amazing girl. I hope she gets to do all the things she’s set out to do, but regardless, her life is already a miracle. It takes someone very special to inspire such faith and hope and love.

Does this story make you want to go out and do something nice for another person, or is it just me?

Image via ewan traveler/Flickr

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