Kidnapped Teen Saves Herself by Crashing Into a Police Car (VIDEO)

police carsWhenever I hear about a quick-thinking kid who manages to survive some horrible situation on sheer intuition, my reaction is always to say a little silent prayer for my kids to have those same life-saving instincts (should they, God forbid, ever find themselves in a similar spot). Even as adults, we never know how we'll react under pressure -- especially the kind of pressure a New Jersey teen found herself under when a 45-year-old woman put a gun to her head, forced her into a car, and told her to drive to Philadelphia, or else.

The teen (whose identity remains anonymous) did as she was told -- sort of. She drove the car, anyway.


But instead of driving to Philadelphia, she drove straight into a police car parked on the shoulder of the Ben Franklin Bridge. Officer Mark Pawloski of the Delaware River Port Authority had pulled over to help another driver when the teen sideswiped his cruiser, which of course caught his attention rather quickly. Brilliant! Police arrested attempted kidnapper Floribert Nava on the spot and it's a good thing they did -- as they also found a handgun, duct tape, trash bags, and latex gloves in the car. Uh-oh. Unless Nava happened to steal Dexter's car, sounds like she had some bad business planned.

The kidnapping was a "result of an argument over the adoption of a newborn baby" -- apparently the adoptive parents live in Philadelphia. No word on why Nava was forcing a kid to drive her there (maybe she doesn't know how to drive?). I just can't get over how horribly this scenario could've gone. Would my kids think as quickly? Would I? I hope so.

Scary stuff, right?

What do you think your teen would do in this situation?


Image via Yahoo

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