Powerful Anti-Sexting Ad Is a Great Way to Start the Conversation With Your Kids (VIDEO)

teen sextingThere's no such thing as sending "just one photo", and unfortunately, more and more teens are learning that the hard way. One topless photo sent to a caring high school boyfriend can easily be forwarded thousands of times in a matter of hours. Suddenly, that risque picture you thought you'd text has turned into a living nightmare. If there's anything to be more wary of than hormonal teenagers, it's hormonal teenagers with smartphones.

As parents, how can you get the point across that there's no such thing as just one photo? A new sexting ad demonstrates how it can ruin a teenager's life, and the short video could be an important first step in starting the conversation with your teen, or god only knows, tween, about the dangers of sexting.


Helping our kids understand that there are scary and unfortunate consequences when sharing photos online or over text is becoming a priority. Sometimes it's easy to forget that the person in the photo, especially if you don't know them, is actually a sentient being. Just look at the Steubenville rape case -- the photos of Jane Doe were circulated and re-posted without much hesitation, if any.

But the more our kids understand that one poor decision, be it sending a sext or forwarding one that was sent to you, can really affect their lives, or their peers' lives, the better.

How do you talk to your teens about the perils of sexting?


Photo via Children of the Street Society/YouTube

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