Teen Girls Strive for a New Body Ideal That’s Totally Unreasonable

Thigh gapI remember being a teenager, walking through the dingy halls of my suburban high school, and how much pressure I felt all the damn time. Pressure to have cool clothes from overpriced retailers who destroyed them FOR you, pressure to do cool things like sneak into R-rated movies and hold hands with some guy, and of course -- pressure to be skinny. Oh GOD, that was the worst pressure of them all. Which is why it breaks my heart to hear what teenagers are worrying about these days: having a thigh gap.

Defined, the thigh gap is exactly what it sounds like -- that clear space that can be seen between the thighs when a girl is standing with her knees together. You know, the gap that's seen on every runway model and most definitely NOT every teen girl.

ANOTHER body issue teens have to worry about now? And such an unrealistic one at that?


I cringed watching four girls talk about the gap on Good Morning America today, and how ALL of them know someone who's striving to achieve that perfect thigh gap. The big influence for this fad? Tumblr blogs, Instagram photos, Pinterest -- images of too-skinny girls who are underweight.

If it's not one thing, it's the other. Being a teenager is hard enough as it is with college applications and extracurriculars. As if getting good grades isn't enough, now girls are worrying about the size of their thighs, too? Just because you have skinny thighs, is that supposed to make you cooler? Better? Hell. No. The question remains: who draws the line? Is it a parent's job to instill health is more important than a measly gap?

God I hope this is just a stupid fad. Hear more about the thigh gap on Good Morning America:

Do you think the thigh gap is crazy?


Image via robertivanc/Flickr

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