Steubenville Football Coach Should Get a Job Flipping Burgers & Leave Our Kids Alone

footballThere are few things about the Steubenville rape case that aren't terrifying for parents. There is teenage drunkenness, horrible decisions by people who should know better, and worst of all, a football coach named Reno Saccoccia who is accused of trying to cover his players' worst offenses all in the name of football. And oh yes, this man still has a job.

Two boys from his team are accused of raping a young girl while she was drunk and unconscious and then passing around photos of their depraved acts. They are going to prison until they are 21, but their coach is still free to "mold young men." Oh hell no.

Saccoccia has openly yelled at reporters involved in the case and claimed to know nothing of his players' involvement, even though there is strong (STRONG) evidence that he saw the social media evidence and did nothing.

Why does this coach still have a job???? As a parent in Steubenville, I would NOT want him around my kids.


Maybe I am expecting too much of a coach. His job is to win and Saccoccia has more than achieved that. He has been the coach in Steubenville for 30 years, and in a town like Steubenville, where there is little to be proud of BUT football, this makes him a legend.

He’s in the Ohio Coaches Hall of Fame. He’s won three state titles. People chant his name with delight and adoration. And yet. And yet.

What planet are we living on where a man like this is allowed to keep his job and his respect? On what planet is it OK to value a coach's titles more than a girl's dignity? His players did this awful thing and rather than act like a grownup and call for accountability, he hid and probably lied and treated the reporters like the bad guys.

As a parent, this is the LAST person I would want teaching my son how to be a man. Value football above all else? That's a life lesson I can live without. I am lucky enough to not live in a community like Steubenville, but that doesn't mean this kind of thing can't happen anywhere. As educators, the first priority should ALWAYS be our children and what they are learning.

Sure, it might not earn little Mikey a football scholarship to be held accountable for his bad behavior, but there are more important things. These football players were children, children molded by a coach who should have known better.

Yes, he should be fired. But all parents ought to be wary. There is a culture that made him and we should all be calling for his head. Our sons and daughters deserve so much better.

Does this make you mad?


Image via Anderson Mancini/Flickr

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