More Parents Are Saying 'No' to the HPV Vaccine & I'm One of Them

injectionThings That Make You Go Hmmm: According to a recent survey, more and more parents are concerned about the safety of the HPV vaccine and, as a result, do not intend to vaccinate their daughters; at the same time, more and more pediatricians are recommending immunization for the Human Papillomavirus a sexually-transmitted disease which can lead to cervical cancer. Hmmm. Why? Well, I can tell you why I'm not getting my adolescent daughter vaccinated -- and it has nothing to do with any ridiculous right-wing worries that she'll take it as a free pass to have unprotected teen sex.

Instead, my concerns -- and those of many other parents -- are strictly health-related. Not only are serious side effects associated with the HPV vaccine, experts have their doubts as to whether or not it even works!


Let's start with those adverse reactions, shall we? The results of one study showed that compared to every other vaccine, Gardasil alone is associated with over 60% of ALL serious side effects (including 63.8% of all deaths and 81.2% cases of permanent disability) in females under the age of 30. So, as study co-author Lucija Tomljenovicat, Ph.D. puts it, "Placed into context, while females in this age group have a near-zero risk of dying from cervical cancer, they are faced with a risk of dying and a permanently disabling condition from a vaccine that has not prevented a single case of cervical cancer to date."

Not a SINGLE case of cervical cancer? That's right. In fact, six years after the introduction of Gardisil, "it appears there are more reports of abnormal pap smears, cervical dysplasia and cervical cancer in the HPV vaccine targeted market." In fact, the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology released a study in January 2012 of a "large cervical cancer screening trial" which found that "in a sub group of 12,852 young women, the HPV vaccine reduced HPV-16 infections by only O.6%. The study also reported that the increase rate of infections by carcinogenic HPV types in vaccinated women is four to ten times higher than the reduction in HPV infections."

Given all the information available, the real question isn't why more parents are refusing the HPV vaccine -- the real question is why are more doctors recommending the HPV vaccine?

Do you think the HPV vaccine is safe?


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