9 Things Every Teen Should Learn to Do Now

Jeanne Sager | Mar 14, 2013 Tweens & Teens

child cookingThe other day I noticed a sign at a gas station forbidding "minors" from pumping gas. I'm going to go out on a limb and assume it had something to do with liability, but I still rolled my eyes. Are we raising a generation of kids so inept that a teenager can't handle pumping some gas?

Well, actually, yes. I've been hearing from parents, employers, waitresses, and myriad other adults lately that they're fed up with the stunted development they've noted in a number of today's teens. And parents, let me tell you, it's not just the kids they're mad at it ... it's the parents who are raising these immature teenagers!

So parents, here it is, on behalf of your kids, I've got a list of the life skills they really should know by the time they're teenagers. Time to get started on your kids!

Do your kids know how to do everything on this list? What else do you think teens need to know?


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