Amazing Girl Keeps Her Great-Grandma's Legacy Alive With '89 Acts of Kindness'

89 acts grandma   'Jinjey' & great-granddaughter Eva Virginia Booth must have been one of the kindest, most generous human beings ever to grace this planet. Because when she passed away at 89 years old, her teenaged great-granddaughter, Samantha Manns, was inspired to do something truly kind and generous in her honor. Manns made a Facebook page called "89 Acts of Kindness," explaining: "I am performing 89 acts of kindness to remember the 89 years my great grandmother spent sharing her kindness."

If there's a lump in your throat now, just wait until you hear the rest of this story. Manns continues:


This page was started to track the 89 acts of kindness that I am performing in memory of my great-grandmother Virginia Booth. If you've received an act of kindness, let me know how it changed your day!

So far, Samantha's up to about eight acts of kindness. And while most of them are relatively simple gestures -- donating blankets to the Humane Society, baking a cake for a friend, paying for someone else's meal at a drive-thru -- what's truly amazing to see is how one good dead really does deserve another. Take this entry, for example:

Act Two; Thursday, February 21, 2013: Again, another drive-through pay it forward :) But this time, the act began a chain, and the man paid for the car behind HIM! What an awesome experience!

I can't imagine how proud Virginia Booth (known as JinJey to her grandchildren) must be of Samantha. What an amazing and inspiring legacy for one woman to leave behind.

Does this story inspire you to do something kind today?


Image via Facebook

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