New Survey Reveals Teen's Bawdy Bedroom Behavior & It’s Worse Than You Thought

kissNo parent wants to think about their teen having sex -- even though we know that it is an inevitable reality most of us will face. Well, thanks to a Yale University workshop, the disturbing sexual habits of college-age children are revealed. If you weren't terrified about raising a teen before, this will definitely do it.


Allowed to submit their answers anonymously, students made some shocking admissions about their sex lives. Turns out, 9 percent of them had been paid for sex (which is prostitution, by the way), 3 percent had engaged in bestiality, and over half had agreed to "consensual pain" during sex (looks like moms aren't the only ones reading Fifty Shades of Grey). It's disturbing. Not because I don't think teens have sex. I know they do. I just didn't think of it being so complicated or, in the case of animal involvement, perverse. Though, I found the fact that a number of kids admitted to having incestuous sexual fantasies most unsettling. What the hell is going on with these kids?

The researchers also noted that they seem like especially surprising findings given that these students were from an Ivy League school. For some reason, people generally assume students at elite universities or with particular backgrounds wouldn't act a certain way. So if anything, this study will dash those preconceived notions. But honestly, no matter the school, town, state -- these are facts parents just don't want to hear and desperately wish were untrue.

Some of these behaviors are dangerous and a couple are clearly illegal. If kids are willingly engaging in them, this means the nature of that coming of age sex talk has to drastically change. Do we really have to say that having sex with animals is not OK? Or that they should never accept money or gifts for sex? And you should not be fantasizing about your sibling. Ugh. I just can't imagine having that talk. But if this survey is representative of a larger population of teens, maybe some parents will have to.

Do you think teens are really into these things?


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