College Admissions Officer Deserved to Lose Her Job for Mocking Essays on Facebook

rejectedNo matter what your profession, I guess everybody gets a little jaded now and then ... even (perhaps especially) college admissions officers. I'm sure once you've read your billionth essay written by a 17-year-old with big dreams, you stop thinking in terms of individual human beings and start looking at those letters as an endless supply of annoyances addressed to you personally. Everybody's human. BUT that's still no excuse -- not even a tiny bit of an excuse -- for what former Penn admissions officer Nadirah Farah Foley did with the student essays she found most annoying. And as a mother who knows exactly how much blood, sweat and tears goes into even the most awkwardly worded student assignment, what she did with those essays makes me absolutely sick.

What Foley did was to post excerpts from student essays on Facebook and mock them. Cruelly.


One student wrote an essay about his “long and deep” connections to the University (noting that he'd been circumcised at Penn Hillel as an infant), adding “I look forward to engaging in the academic, social and Orthodox Jewish communities on campus."

Foley tore the essay apart:

“Stop the madness," she wrote.

In another essay, a student wrote about how he overcame his fear of using the bathroom outdoors while camping.

“Another gem,” Foley wrote, slamming the boy.

Who the hell does this woman think she is?! These are kids we're talking about here. Maybe not little kids, but still kids -- kids who are pouring their hearts out on paper, kids who haven't learned yet how to censor the most vulnerable parts of themselves. It's Foley's job to decide whether or not these kids are a good match for her school, not to decide whether they're worthwhile human beings. Oh, but wait -- I forgot, Foley doesn't have a job anymore. Because after somebody brought her posts to the Dean of Admission's attention, Foley was fired.

Another gem. Ha!

Do you think this admissions officers deserved to lose her job?


Image via Sean MacEntee/Flickr

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