Disabled Boy Becomes Basketball Hero Thanks to Rival’s Amazing Sacrifice (VIDEO)

basketball kidIf it seems like the world of high school sports is way too focused on winning at all costs (because usually that's the case), here's proof that there ARE coaches and kids out there who care more about actual sportsmanship than competition. 

Coronado, Texas high school student Mitchell Marcus loves basketball and has for his entire life, according to his mom. Because of a developmental disability, Mitchell doesn't play on his school's basketball team -- instead, he serves as Team Manager. But he doesn't mind. That's how much he adores the sport. Simply supporting the players makes Mitchell happy. Still, when Coach Peter Moralez decided to give Mitchell an opportunity to wear a jersey and play in the last game of the season, he was overjoyed.


So was the crowd, who started chanting "Mitchell, Mitchell!" as soon as he stepped on the court. Unfortunately, despite his teammates' repeated attempts to pass him the ball, Mitchell couldn't seem to make a shot. Then he accidentally sent the ball out of bounds ... with only seconds left on the clock.

That's when rival player Jonathon Montanez, a senior at Franklin High, did something absolutely amazing: He called out to Mitchell and passed him the ball. Mitchell turned, threw, and scored.

Watch this clip to see what happened next:

Talk about a crowd going wild, right?

If I were Mitchell's mom, I'm sure I would "cry about this for the rest of my life" too. It's just such a rare and beautiful thing to see people truly caring about someone else -- even to the point of sacrificing a "big win," like Jonathon Montanez. Coach Moralez, who says he was prepared to lose the game if it meant Mitchell's dream of playing basketball could come true, deserves a huge amount of credit, too, of course. But Jonathon Montanez is just a teenager, and while teens are typically selfish, what he did was incredibly selfless. His explanation? He says he was "raised to treat others the way he'd want to be treated."

His parents deserve a huge amount of credit, too.

Do you know a teen who would do something so unselfish?


Image via BBCOfficialOne/YouTube

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