Mom Hires Strippers for Son's Sweet 16 Birthday Party (VIDEO)

Your son's Sweet 16 birthday party is a special occasion and a lot of thought and planning goes into it. The guests, the decor, the lighting and music. Oh, and the strippers. They should be sexy but tasteful, amiright? Ohhh waaaaait. There probably shouldn't be strippers at a Sweet 16 party. It's "sweet" not "suh-wheet!" But this didn't stop one mom from making sure her son's birthday bash was the raunchiest one on the block. For reportedly Judy Viger hired a group of strippers to entertain her son's birthday party guests -- some of whom happened to be as young 13.


Viger, 33, has been arrested for endangering the welfare of a child and faces up to a year in prison after reportedly hiring strippers from a place called Tops in Bottoms to perform at her son's birthday party in a bowling alley.

After photos of the party ended up online -- because, after all, what is the use of hiring strippers for your teen's birthday if you can't share them with the world -- the mother of a 15-year-old guest called the police. Sheesh, some moms are soooo sanctimommious.

Listen, mom. Your kid will be at the strip joint soon enough. Why rush him? And, you know, not every woman is cool with strippers giving their kids lap dances. Should have checked with the other moms. Maybe they could have suggested a Star Wars or gaming party theme instead. Even if your kid asked for strippers, it's okay to SAY. NO. Doesn't make you a bad mom. Strippers on the other hand ...

Seriously gotta wonder what this mom was thinking. My guess is, she doesn't do a lot of that.

Would you allow your teen to attend this party?

Image via South Glen Falls Sheriff's Dept

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