Teens’ New Secret Way to Hide Pot From Parents Is Pretty Dang Stealth (VIDEO)

braceletsKids these days -- they think of everything. There's a new trend of "smokewear" or "potbling", if you will, which are bracelets and accessories that look like regular pieces of innocuous jewelry, but when reconfigured, turn into pipes for smoking the marijuana.

Parents might get a clue that their teens are getting high if they find cut-up soda cans or even a carved apple in their kids' bedrooms, but now they also have to keep an eye out for this trendy smokewear. I mean, your kid could be smoking the weed out of their bracelet right now.


Hyperbole aside, I, for one, did not know about these bracelets that turn into pipes, and I'd guess this is news to some of you out there, as well. While I don't recommend declaring war on all things wrist related, I do think the more parents know about what's available and/or hot with their kids right now, the better.

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Teens can buy the bracelets online with no consequence -- as long as they've got $40, they can wear a rope pipe on their arm. One site in particular has tons of "stealth" smokewear from bracelets to necklaces to cuffs to a Rainbow Swirl Octopus Pendant Pipe, but really, I don't know who they think they're fooling with that one.

Authorities want parents to keep an eye on their teens' jewelery, and also keep a look out for other signs of drug use, like odd behavior, poor grades, and glassy eyes. 

Or, you know, you can always just talk to them. "Are you smoking the drugs" is always a recommended entree.

Have you heard of this type of smokewear before?

Photo via zebrasquares/Flickr

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