Father Arrested for Tattooing His 14-Year-Old With 'Daddy's Girl'

A man has been arrested for tattooing his 14-year-old daughter's wrist. The father, Victor Shane Scroggins, was allegedly tattooing people -- including his own teen -- without a license. There is just something so creepy and wrong about tattooing your underage daughter -- but even more creepy and wrong is what he chose to ink her with. It wasn't a little bird or a rose. He reportedly tattooed "Daddy's Girl" and -- get this -- the logo of gun manufacturer Browning on her skin. Ewww. So wrong.


The man has been arrested for the tattooing of a minor, unlawful neglect of a child, and not having the required certificate for tattooing people. I have no idea how his daughter felt about the tattoo at the time she got it -- maybe she requested it. But as a parent you have an obligation to think for the child. And a tattoo at 14 is not only illegal -- but something she may regret not only years later, but maybe next week!

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And let's think of what he wrote: "Daddy's Girl." Sure, it's a term of endearment -- when it's coming out of your mouth or when an adult chooses to tattoo it on herself. But when your dad does it for you, it just reeks of control and ownership issues. The girl isn't chattel. As an adult, having a gun logo on her skin may lose her some job opportunities. Of course, she could always have it removed, but that is painful and costly.

I asked my mom for a tattoo as this girl's age. At the time, my mom was dating a tattoo artist and I thought he could give it to me. My mom was quite the free spirit but even she said no. "Wait until you're 18, then you can get what you want" was her answer. You know what? By the time I was 18, I didn't want one. I've always been grateful to my mom for having the common sense to say no to that teen demand.

Nor do we know if the child even wanted this tattoo at all. If he suggested it, she may have felt compelled to say she wanted it to be a "good girl." To be "Daddy's girl." Or maybe she can't stand him but was too scared to say, "No thanks, Dad." Who knows!

At any rate, tattooing your own kid is just all kinds of wrong. I hope this guy gets his needles taken away for good -- and gets some parenting classes on top of it.

Do you think anyone should tattoo their teen?


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