High Schoolers Plan 'Traditional' Prom That Bans Gay Kids

prom corsageIt's prom time! That time of year when kids get all gussied up and start picking on their gay classmates for daring to be a little different. Yes, it's happening again. In one Indiana high school this year, there's even a call for a traditional prom that would outright ban gay kids.

Outraged yet? Let me throw this log onto the fire: the kids who are trying to organize this so-called "traditional" dance at Sullivan High School are being backed by their parents.


Way to prep your kids for the real world, folks!

This particular prom protest has gone viral because of the blatant homophobia, but the problem isn't just parents in Indiana letting their kids bully their gay peers. It's parents everywhere fighting the fight to homogenize high schools so their little snowflakes never have to feel uncomfortable with, gasp, diversity!

It makes high school hell for the kids who are different, who are caught up in the delusional "perfect" worlds these parents are trying to build for their kids.

But the real trouble begins when the little darlings graduate from high school and enter a world where Mommy and Daddy can't make the scary differences go away. This is why bullying doesn't stop after graduation. This is why there are hate crimes in America!

Because out here, there are gay people and black people and people with speech impediments and wheelchairs and every difference under the sun. And we aren't just going to hide away while some narrow-minded prat throws a dance.

Would you let your kid go to a "traditional prom" that excludes gay kids?


Image via Thingus995/Flickr

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