Kid Gets $200 to Quit Facebook -- What a Waste

laptopBribery, it will get you everywhere as a parent. But the older they get, the more it's going to cost you. Take the dad who paid his kid $200 to quit Facebook.

Paul Baier's daughter Rachel is 14 -- old enough to legally use the social media site -- so I suppose a pile of M&M's or stickers wasn't going to work here. But I can't be the only parent thinking this is a giant waste of $200.


I get it. I get it. We've gone from a world where you're nobody if you're not on Facebook to a world where people are dropping off the site like flies. And all these cases of cyberbullying, sexting teens, and pedophiles stalking our kids on the Internet don't exactly make for good bedtime stories for parents.

Facebook can be a scary world.

But only if you let it!

Paul Baier hasn't really shared why he paid his daughter all that cash to stay off the social media site, but we can imagine either he was scared of what would happen to her there or she was out of control on the web. Either way, it doesn't take $200 to fix that. It takes parenting.

Whatever happened to good old-fashioned checking up on your kid? I'm not talking about stalking your kid. I mean friending your kid on Facebook. I mean wandering into the room when they're on the laptop and peeking over their shoulder. I mean talking to your kid about Internet safety.

I don't have a kid on Facebook ... yet. She's only 7, and my eyebrows raise sky high when I see kids her age on the site. But by the time a kid is 14, they should be able to handle what it takes to be safe on the Internet, albeit with a little guidance from their parents.

Fact: if your kids aren't safe on the Internet, it's because you're falling down on the job as parents. Fact number two: if your kid isn't responsible on the Internet, it's your job to tell them "no, you can't use Facebook." You don't need a $200 bribe to do that.

Set down reasonable limits. Act like a parent. I'm pretty sure you'll find out Facebook isn't really a scary monster.

What do you make of this dad's bribe to keep his kid off Facebook?


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