Raunchy Math Teacher Shows Her Students What Not to Do on Twitter

Carly McKinney
So moms (and a handful of dads), did you hear about Carly McKinney? Ms. McKinney to some of her students at Overland High School in Aurora, Colorado, “Ms. McCutie” to the cleverly flirtatious guys there? Don’t know her by face? Maybe you’ll recognize her by her booty. It is Twitter famous, after all.


The 23-year-old math teacher is on paid administrative leave after she posted pics of herself twerking—which is basically acrobatic rump shaking if you’re not familiar—on social media. Now that would be tacky for any woman because, you know, we’ve all heard the warnings about sexting naked pics and posting salacious body shots online, lest they end up who-knows-where. Worst case scenario in the hands of some grimy perv, a vindictive blackmailer… or your boss.

Which brings me back to Carly McKinney. Some more of her work:
Not to mention her openly bragging about being high and getting crunk.

Once upon a time, maybe a generation or so ago, students made great sport of creating elaborate stories about their teachers’ personal lives. Rumors were born in snippets of juicy gossip whispered across the aisles and aside from maybe a random siting of a spouse or the manufactured romance between two single folks spotted coming out of the teachers’ lounge together, no one really knew what was going on with them.

Then Twitter was born and now topless math teachers are doing stripper dances in their panties. I imagine it’s kinda hard to focus on algebraic equations when you know what the instructor looks like half-naked. (Thank God I got out of high school before the social media craze. Mr. Trimmer shirtless? No. thanks. I was having a hard enough time passing calculus as it was.)

McKinney’s original Twitter page, @Crunk_Bear, has been taken down and a dummy page is in its place which, according to one tweet, picked up 4,000 followers in a day. But more than 18,000 followers total is a testament to the power of the emerging #FreeCrunkBear movement that’s building in her honor. And what a pitiful movement that is. Then again, it is being led by teenagers who see nothing wrong with what she did. They relate to her on a personal level, one student said. Understandable, since that’s something that a 16 or 17-year-old would probably do.

Look, it takes a certain level of maturity to be a teacher, because you are in a fact an authority figure and maybe even a role model. And if you’re behaving on the same level as the kids you’re charged with educating and it becomes hard to tell the students from the teachers, then maybe being an educator just ain’t your thing. Maybe she has a little growing up to do first.

Is a teacher’s behavior in their downtime any of our business?

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