Tough Little Girl Punches Like Nobody's Business (VIDEO)

boxing girlHere's one little girl who can definitely take care of herself! The latest viral kid vid is from Kazakhstan (I think?), but you don't have to speak the language to see this chick's awesomesauce. Her coach has been teaching her to punch, duck, and weave like a pro. Maybe he's also her dad? Most amazing of all -- she never loses her focus. NEVER. What an impressive kid!


Daaaang, why didn't my dad teach me to float like a butterfly, sting like a bee? He sure watched enough boxing. Okay, not the same thing.

Well the world better look out for this little lady. We need to re-think that phrase "hit like a girl." Obviously it can mean "hit like someone who's been trained to hit hard and precisely." Thanks to some excellent coaching, no one's going to mess with her, ever. Who rules the world? Girls.

Would you like your daughter to learn how to box like this?


Image via PycΤaM CaΔΒakacoΒ/YouTube

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