Girl Puts a 'You're Beautiful' Post-It on Every Locker in Her High School

you're beautifulPractice random acts of senseless kindness. You've heard the saying, right? Sounds lovely, but most of us don't bother to live by these words. Sixteen-year-old Ashley Munroe, however, is a rare exception. Usually, when one teen girl starts bashing herself for being "fat" or "ugly" or "stupid," her friends take it as a cue to put themselves down, too. "My thighs are huge." "Oh my god, look at MY thighs! They're enormous!" But not Munroe. It upset her so much to see the people she cared about constantly hating and picking themselves apart, she wanted to somehow make them see their true beauty ... but how? That's where the Post-It notes come in ... 1,986 of them, to be exact.


Munroe spent six hours writing the same thing on every single one of those sticky notes: "You're beautiful." Then she stuck one on every single locker in her high school. A random act of senseless kindness. 

Except the Dean didn't see it that way when he watched surveillance video of Munroe sticking the little papers everywhere. He thought the Post-It notes were some kind of prank and that Munroe was some kind of punk. He decided to suspend her for three days. Can you imagine?! Of all the things to get in trouble for ... it would have been different, maybe, if Munroe used permanent marker to write her messages, but how hard is it to peel a sticky note off of a locker? It's not like there was permanent damage or anything.

Naturally everybody else (besides the Dean) thought Munroe deserved to be praised, not punished, so they started circulating a petition around the school to lift her suspension. By the end of the day, the petition had over 600 signatures. Munroe didn't get suspended.

A couple of days later, however, she did get a surprise ... when a student approached her and said:

"That day, I was planning on killing myself. I had given up completely on society, but because of you, I didn't. You gave me hope. Thank you."

Wow. Just ... wow. If I were Munroe's mom, I would be so incredibly proud of her (and really ticked off at that Dean). And if I were that student's mom, I would be so incredibly grateful that someone else's kid decided to practice a random act of senseless kindness.

Would your teen do something like this?


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