Kid's Pep Talk on Making Every Day Awesome Is Well Worth a Listen (VIDEO)

kid presidentAnyone else sorta hate today? I did, I hated it hard, until, that is, I saw this. It's a pep talk from Kid President, and people, it'll turn your day right around. Haven't heard of Kid President? Oh, he's an adorable little boy who wears a suit and tie and tells simple truths that we all need to hear sometimes, like "don't be boring" and "don't stop believing ... unless your dream is stupid. Then you should get a better dream."

This video is just want you needed today to feel better about this thing, and this cereal, called Life. The speech wouldn't have been better had it been given by the best pep talker in the world, Coach Eric Taylor. So fire it up and listen.


Keep going, keep going, and keep going. You were made to be awesome.

Love it?


Photo via soulpancake/YouTube

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