Letting Your Daughter Wear Lingerie Won't Turn Her Into a Hooker

lingerieAll right moms, it's time for a tough question. Say you have a teenage daughter and she wants to shop at Victoria's Secret. What do you do?

Stick your fingers in your ears and sing "na, na, nuh, na, na" and pretend your girl isn't growing up? Or do you suck it up and drive her to the mall? Maybe this will help you make up your mind.


Most moms are all about letting their daughters trade up from those multi-packs of undies from Tar-jay to something one might call lingerie. As one mother in CafeMom's Mom's With Teens group put it:

Fredrick's - no

Victoria's Secret stuff is most[ly] classy elegant stuff. I see no issue!

Hallelujah, amen! Moms with a little common sense! In a nation where parents are such prudes that they can't deal with a teacher who did some porn way back in the day teaching their kids, you never know what parents are going to come up with next.

I know I don't like the thought of my daughter shopping at Victoria's Secret. If she's looking to buy a pair of string bikini undies, that means she's bid bye-bye to the Hello Kitty and Littlest Pet Shop underwear of childhood. I do not want to see the end of childhood, but that's my problem.

Letting your daughter shop for lingerie isn't going to turn her into a raging slut overnight or make you a Grandma. Not teaching her to respect her body or educating her about sex will do that. Letting her get some more fashionable underwear, on the other hand, could help her feel more comfortable about herself (seriously, didn't it feel better to YOU when you got rid of the granny panties?)!

So now it's your turn.

Would you let your daughter wear lingerie?


Image via verypurpleperson/Flickr

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