Girl's Note on Bathroom Stall Reminds Us That We're Never Really Alone

bathroom wallI've seen all kinds of words scrawled across bathroom walls, but none of them bear repeating (indeed, depending on the sort of company one keeps, to repeat most of them would be considered highly offensive). Sometimes the messages are crude, sometimes they're funny -- and sometimes they're even confessional. That's what Reddit user and college student cherrylauren found in a ladies room at her school: "In a girls' bathroom stall at my university, girls have written about some of their most horrifying life experiences," she wrote. From being raped to suffering from eating disorders to dealing with alcoholic parents, young women used Sharpies and ballpoint pens to tell the bathroom wall everything, all the things they'd never been able to tell anyone.

Cherrylauren decided to let them know someone was listening.


So she took it upon herself to write a note responding to each and every girl, which she then taped to the bathroom wall in the hopes that at some point, some or all of the original authors would find it. This is what she wrote:

To the girl who was raped: You are so strong. I cannot fathom the pain you must have gone through. The fact that you have the bravery to write it (even on a bathroom wall) gives me hope.

To the girl with eating disorders: I promise you, although I don't know you, you are beautiful, you deserve your health. You deserve freedom from that hell.

To the girl with the alcoholic father: I am so sorry for the agony it must cause. again, such courage is remarkable you must be such a strong person to see such pain.

To the girl whose father died: Missing them never goes away. The ache of their absence never goes away. ut the love they had, the memories you share surely must last. I am sure, out of the bottom of my heart, the people who have left you in this world are exceptionally proud of the person you are.

Everytime I see these walls, these confessions, I feel so blessed to know I have the priviledge of seeing them. Your moments, these secrets, are all precious even though they are sad. To all of you (including those I did not mention, and those who have not yet written)

You are worthy. You are strong. You are brave. You are loved. Somebody cares.

What an amazing gesture. My daughter has, thankfully, quite a few years left before she's college bound, but I hope she grows up to be as compassionate as this kind, thoughtful soul.

Would you ever leave a note like this on a bathroom stall door?


Image via The Inadvertant Gardener/Flickr

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