High School to Give Kids Breathalyzers Before School Dances

beerKids who show up to school dances at one Massachusetts high school will have something surprising waiting for them. From now on, there will be cops waiting at the doors of Belmont High School, armed with breathalyzers.

Yikes! Has it really gone this far?


Do we have that many drunk kids stupid enough to show up at a school function that we need breathalyzers at the door?

What? You thought I was going to chastise the school for their Big Brother-like tactics? Not on your life. If anything, I'm sad that a high school has had so much trouble with kids and alcohol that they've taken a step this drastic.

I wonder: where are the parents of the kids who continue to get this wasted and act this stupid?

I don't plan on having my kid showing up to a school function drunk. We're already having the responsible drinking discussions in our house to keep that from happening. 

But kids are kids, and kids do stupid things. So let's say it happens? Let's just say my kid is the idiot who sneaks a bottle of Kahlua out of the liquor cabinet and shows up sloshed at the school dance? 

I sure as heck want someone to catch her, punish her, and call me so I can make sure she doesn't drive home in that state. Then I'll punish her on top of what the school is doing!

The Belmont High School may not be making every parent in the district happy with this move, but maybe it's time the unhappy parents consider the alternative. Would they prefer their kids drink and aren't punished?

Is this school out of line or would you support a breathalyzer system at your kids' school?


Image via Tiger Girl/Flickr

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