17-Year-Old Loses Battle With Cancer -- After Accomplishing Everything on Her Bucket List

Alice Pyne
Alice Pyne and UK Prime Minister David Cameron
It feels like just yesterday we first heard about Alice Pyne, the inspirational teen diagnosed with cancer who created her own bucket list of things she wanted to do with her time left. Saturday, Alice's parents posted to her bucket list blog, Alice's Bucket List, that their daughter lost her battle with terminal cancer. I get shivers down my spine reading her mother's words: "Alice gained her angel wings today."

Amidst the sadness that her family must be experiencing right now, there's one bright light: Alice completed everything on her fabulous bucket list. From going to Cadbury World and having a private cinema party with her best friends to entering her dog in a Labrador show, the young woman truly made the most of her last months.

Sure, Alice's life may have been shorter than many of ours. There's no doubt, though, that she lived it to the fullest.


So many of us go about our day-to-day without doing anything exceptional. Sure, we set goals for ourselves, but if they fall by the wayside -- the lack of urgency doesn't make us go striving for better. Hearing Alice's story makes me want to make my goals for myself. It makes me realize that day-in and day-out, continually saying, "I'll get it done tomorrow," is anything but productive, it's lazy.

Yes, it's horrible and sad that Alice's parents have lost their angel. But man, it's gotta be really awesome remembering how strong and amazing their daughter was. Alice's goals were modest, but showed how dedicated she was to really enjoying the present. For her to know that death is right around the corner, still make such fantastic goals, and push through to achieve them? I hope one day to have such a motivated, beautiful child of my own.

Do you find Alice's story inspirational?


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