15 Dangerous Myths About Life & Sex Your Kid Might Be Dumb Enough to Believe

teenagersRemember what it was like to be a teenager? When you didn't believe a word your parents had to say, but whatever you heard from your friends was gospel? And we wonder why year after year, decade after decade, generation after generation, the same old tired myths keep being touted as fact.

Sure, we eventually learned that you really can get pregnant even if he pulls out, and you won't lose your virginity by falling off a bike, but today's teenagers aren't there yet. Don't think your kid is dumb enough to fall for these silly myths? Don't bet your grandchild-free life on it!

The Stir talked to real teens about some of the crazy things kids believe so you know what to tell your kid is a load of you-know-what:


1. If you wear a bra to bed, you will get cancer.

2. If you pee immediately after sex, you will not get pregnant.

3. If you refill the bottles of booze in your parents' liquor cabinet with water, they will never notice.

4. If you smoke outside in the fresh air, you won't get cancer.

5. If you stand in front of a running microwave, it will make you infertile.

6. If you sleep in a bra, your breasts won't grow.

7. There is only one day of the month when you can get pregnant.

8. If you use a tampon, you will lose your virginity.

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9. You don't get pregnant your first time.

10. You can see if someone has an STD, so you don't really need to use protection.

11. Only sluts get STDs.

12. Two condoms are better than one.

13. You won't get pregnant if you push really hard on your stomach after sex.

14. If you ask an undercover cop if they're a cop, they have to tell you the truth.

15. You don't get skin cancer from tanning booths; only the sun.

What are the crazy myths you remember from high school? Have you made sure your kids don't believe them?


Image via Monica Arellano-Ongpin/Flickr

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