Teen Confesses to Driving Drunk on Facebook (Guess What Happens Next?)

sideswiped carJacob Cox-Brown is definitely not the smartest kid around. The 18-year-old recently wrote on Facebook:

"Drivin drunk ... classsic ;) but to whoever's vehicle i hit i am sorry. :P"

Cox-Brown's "friends" contacted police, who promptly arrested him.


This leaves me wondering, what has changed so much in the way that we raise our kids that our teens think that it is okay to YouTube, Facebook, or Tweet their indiscretions to the general public but yet seem surprised when they get caught? Do our teens think that social media is sanctuary? Do they have no sense that once the information is live, it is out there forever?

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Our kids are being raised in a world where there is more and more behind-the-screen time with others than there is face-to-face interaction, and they are all losing their social skills and common sense. How else can you explain all the sexts, shaming, and videotaping of sexual acts and illegal activity that teens are sharing with the world? People, in general, get braver online, but mix it with hormones and little common sense and you will see full confessions go viral.

Do you think teens have changed in their morals over the last decade or does it have more to do with the sheer accessibility of a larger venue and the instant gratification mind set of the Internet that has our teens sharing their most intimate indiscretions?

Do you monitor your teen's Facebook page?

Image via Brett L/Flickr

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