Condom Dispensers Could Be Coming to a High School Near You

condomsReady for a twist in the old "should teenagers have access to birth control" debate? Some 22 high schools in Philadelphia will be welcoming students back in the new year with brand new condom dispensers. So is this a matter of schools overstepping their bounds and infringing on parents rights? Or is this just one way the schools fulfill their role in kids' lives?

After all, Philadelphia's deputy mayor of health was questioned about the condom dispensers, and he explained that schools are partners with parents in raising kids. Put it that way, and schools giving our kids condoms is really the responsible thing to do, right?


Let's just think about this for a minute.

It's ultimately a parent's responsibility to keep kids safe. That's why most parents who really think things through would side with preventing STDs over pretending their precious little snowflake will never ever ever have sex.

But parents have already ceded a significant amount of control over the welfare of our kids to the schools. We more or less have to, considering our kids typically spend more of their waking hours on a school campus than they do with us.

We already expect the schools to help us prepare our kids for the real world, expanding classes beyond mere reading, writing, and 'rithmetic to life skills' training in the likes of driving and often basic parenting skills. In many places, sex ed is even part of the curriculum (and rightly so).

So why not? Why shouldn't schools be as proactive as parents are or at least as parents should be? Why shouldn't they help us prepare kids for safe sex?

Would you support condom dispensers in your local high school?


Image via Paul Keller/Flickr

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