Teenage Girls Start Riot After Being Called Horrible Names & We Applaud Them (VIDEO)

teen riotsCue up the Les Miserables song "Do You Hear the People Sing" because it's time to talk about a group of angry teens looking for justice. They may not be protesting the monarchy in 19th century France, but they are protesting a slut-shaming Instagram post in Gothenburg, Sweden, which is basically the 21st century equivalent.

Over 200 teenagers stormed a high school after an anonymous user set up an Instagram profile asking for the names of slutty or whorish teens in the area. Within a few hours, the accused received over 200 names along with photos and details of some of the local teens' alleged sexual history. And, well, that just ain't right, so pissed off teens barricaded the school in an "unruly and heated" scene.


The police had trouble calming and dispersing the angry mob and said the kids were going "berserk", kicking over lamp posts and jumping on cars, and eventually detained 27 students, as well as the 17-year-old girl responsible for the Instagram account and lewd request that started the whole thing.

I know I'm supposed to be mad that kids rioted and destroyed property and disobeyed rules and all that stuff, and while I know that violence is never the answer, I can't help but have a little admiration for these kids who got so incensed by slut-shaming on social media.

It's refreshing to know that they care; that they know it's wrong; that they won't stand for anyone calling anyone a slut, or a whore, or publicly shaming them for something they may or may not have done.

Anne Hathaway recently said that it was a shame that someone would take a compromising picture (she's talking, of course, about her up the skirt shot "wardrobe malfunction") and share it ... instead of delete it.

Well, these angry teens in Sweden should give Anne, and many of us, hope to know that there are young people out there who won't stand for things of this nature. They'd riot before another name was shared or another picture was passed around -- they'd never forward it.

Which, in fact, is the most forward, and forward-thinking, thing they could do.

What do you think of the teen riot in Sweden?


Photo via Klykan Karlsson/YouTube

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